I Survived! 

Today, the high school students from my ENGR 1110 class graduated!  I'm so excited to not be teaching for 7 hours a day anymore.  Three weeks seemed like a long time; I'm not sure how teachers do it on a regular basis. Now I just have to finish the writeup for my iOS term project,... Continue Reading →

Field Trip Friday

...better than a warhead on your forehead. I wish I could remember the entire quote. The airman talking to our ENGR 1110 kids was great! He seemed to be able to relate to them (probably because he was 20 - haha).

Packet Encapsulation at Its Finest

On Friday, I got to lecture my ENGR 1110 kids on networking.  Considering we have a whole semester on the subject and I was having to give them a crash course in one afternoon, I took a breadth approach.  One of the topics we covered was packet encapsulation.  At the end of the lesson, I... Continue Reading →


I finished my first week of teaching today.  I am so freaking tired.  The early morning preparation and the evening reviews are just too much.  This morning, I went to Walmart.  To get the kids to understand packet encapsulation, I had them surround a jumbo marshmallow with a cube and that cube was encapsulated by... Continue Reading →

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