#TBT:  High School Decades Presentation

In case you couldn't figure out what decade my group was assigned, we were the 80s.  The funny part is that we didn't actually have to dress up for the presentation, but we would get bonus points.  With my friends and myself being overachievers, we went full out!  Deena (orange dress) was an 80s high... Continue Reading →

#TBT:  Poncho Girl

This lovely picture was taken during my junior or senior year of high school.  My friends and I all went to majority of the home football games. This particular Friday it had been raining on and off again.  I had always heard that white shirts and water don't mix, so I knew I needed some... Continue Reading →

#TBT: Pig Dissection

I took Human Anatomy and Physiology in high school, and, at the end of the semester, we dissected fetal pigs. My lab partner Kaity named our pig Clotilde. Anyways, I learned two majors things that week. 1) Skinning a pig is really difficult. 2) Formaldehyde is a stench that stays with you. I had that... Continue Reading →

#TBT:  Halloween ’08

I was flipping through some old Facebook pictures, and I came across this priceless image of me and my "Precal Girls".  Liesel and Deena are two of the many best friends I was fortunate enough to meet while in high school. This picture was taken at my friend Kaity's birthday party that was Halloween-themed.  If... Continue Reading →

A Trip Down Memory Lane

I was digging around found some of my old high school photos.  I would say that those days were simpler, but I remember lots of drama.  More than likely it was over exaggerated.  That’s how we rolled. We got extra points for dressing up during our decades presentation.  FYI, I was a yuppy and that... Continue Reading →

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