Time to Say Goodbye

Today was my last full day in Florida.  I can't believe I have been here for three months and only got sunburnt once! My internship with the AFRL has been an interesting experience.  While it was cool to see the climatic lab and the F-35s up close, I'm not sure a career in research is... Continue Reading →

Surf’s Up

My mentor took our group of interns out to the beach today.  He brought his paddle board and let us all try.  The guys were all over it, of course.  I was rather hesitant.  Anyone who knows me knows my lack of coordination and balance.  I will fall over just standing in place.   After... Continue Reading →

I Survived! 

Today, the high school students from my ENGR 1110 class graduated!  I'm so excited to not be teaching for 7 hours a day anymore.  Three weeks seemed like a long time; I'm not sure how teachers do it on a regular basis. Now I just have to finish the writeup for my iOS term project,... Continue Reading →

Field Trip Friday

...better than a warhead on your forehead. I wish I could remember the entire quote. The airman talking to our ENGR 1110 kids was great! He seemed to be able to relate to them (probably because he was 20 - haha).

Packet Encapsulation at Its Finest

On Friday, I got to lecture my ENGR 1110 kids on networking.  Considering we have a whole semester on the subject and I was having to give them a crash course in one afternoon, I took a breadth approach.  One of the topics we covered was packet encapsulation.  At the end of the lesson, I... Continue Reading →


I finished my first week of teaching today.  I am so freaking tired.  The early morning preparation and the evening reviews are just too much.  This morning, I went to Walmart.  To get the kids to understand packet encapsulation, I had them surround a jumbo marshmallow with a cube and that cube was encapsulated by... Continue Reading →

I Don’t Get Paid Enough for This

I was cleaning up the Senior Design lab for the ENGR 1110 course that I will be co-instructing in two weeks and found these senior design essentials from 2011 tucked away in a cabinet. There were also cups that were covered with dried up coffee. 1) Ewww! 2) Who puts a used coffee cup in... Continue Reading →

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