#TBT: Pig Dissection

I took Human Anatomy and Physiology in high school, and, at the end of the semester, we dissected fetal pigs. My lab partner Kaity named our pig Clotilde. Anyways, I learned two majors things that week. 1) Skinning a pig is really difficult. 2) Formaldehyde is a stench that stays with you. I had that... Continue Reading →

Avalon High

When I had a few days off between taking my two finals and graduation, I ended up bingeing on Netflix.  At one point I came across Disney's Avalon High.  This was one of my favorite books when I was in high school. Naturally, I went back and re-read the novel before watching the movie on... Continue Reading →

The Book Thief

I finally finished reading all 500+ pages that make up The Book Thief last night.  I must say Markus Zuzak is a remarkable writer.  It was interesting to have the book written from Death's perspective.  I wonder if he did that so that he could branch off to follow characters to other locations without having to explain... Continue Reading →

The Struggle Is Real

I spend about 20 minutes today trying to open an Angry Orchard bottle. When I bought them, I didn't pay attention to the fact that they are not twist-off tops.  Somehow I have made it through college without ever buying a bottle opener, so I had to get creative when opening my hard cider.  I tried... Continue Reading →

#TBT:  Halloween ’08

I was flipping through some old Facebook pictures, and I came across this priceless image of me and my "Precal Girls".  Liesel and Deena are two of the many best friends I was fortunate enough to meet while in high school. This picture was taken at my friend Kaity's birthday party that was Halloween-themed.  If... Continue Reading →

The Allison Cocktail

If you like fruity drinks, this simple recipe is perfect for you.  Lord knows that I am not the most skilled person when it comes to cooking or baking, so I always find the simplest recipes possible. The first ingredient is the Smirnoff Sorbet Light Raspberry Pomegranate vodka.  It smells wonderful too. There is no... Continue Reading →

Hilton Head Pictures!

Sorry that it has taken me so long!  I would have more after Myrtle, but my camera broke.  Good news:  I already have a replacement! The view from my balcony!My brother went into the ocean in his PJs.Freddy became my friend after I gave him a French fry at The Salty Dog Cafe.Harbour Town LighthouseCinnamon... Continue Reading →

It All Makes Sense

My head has been feeling like it would explode since I got back into town. I'm ridiculously allergic to grass (a fun fact that was uncovered when I was in middle school). I saw this lovely notice and the continuous sinus headache makes sense now. Yay spring/summer? Don't you think the allergy medicine ad is... Continue Reading →

A New Family Photo

In honor of my last evening on Hilton Head Island, here is the best family photo courtesy of James from Dolphin Discoveries.  FYI, James is the guy saying boom in the background of the jellyfish throw/too. There is one funny story from this part of our dolphin tour.  James, our captain, totally got me with... Continue Reading →

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