When Lexi Met Santa

Turns out I am horrible at keeping up with this thing.  My bad.Anyways, this past weekend my little puppy got to meet Santa!  I know you can't tell from the picture, but she did not want to sit in his lap.  She was scared to go to him at first.  Why?  Who knows; she's a... Continue Reading →

Puppy’s First Surgery

Yesterday, I wrote about some of the big hurtles I have leap over with Lexi.  One of the worst experiences was getting her fixed.  I knew Lexi was going to be in pain.  I mean spaying is a hysterectomy!  She had an organ removed.  However, I was not prepared.Growing up, our family vet always kept... Continue Reading →

Crazy Cat Tuesday

I was laughing hysterically when I saw this video.  Sugar, my first cat, had an incident where she fell into the jacuzzi with water still in it.  She spazzed out and couldn't get out of the tub because she was too small.  I had to pick her up.  Once her little paws touched the floor,... Continue Reading →

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