It Works!!!

The web interface for my database works! Now, I'm so close to getting this term project done almost two months early. Woot woot!

Holy Cow, It’s October

This semester has been crazy.  There has been so much going on with Cupola, classes, and my jobs on campus.  Nothing noteworthy has happened except that I survived midterms!  Luckily, this week will be a short one since we have our first ever fall break.  Lord knows I could use some R&R.  Sadly, though, I... Continue Reading →

Women and Computing

This is an interesting article talking about how some colleges and universities have changed recruitment efforts to get more women interesting in computer science. Seeing that Carnegie Mellon has such a large amount of female freshmen starting in their computer science program doesn't surprise me.  When I was looking at graduate schools, they seemed to... Continue Reading →

I Survived! 

Today, the high school students from my ENGR 1110 class graduated!  I'm so excited to not be teaching for 7 hours a day anymore.  Three weeks seemed like a long time; I'm not sure how teachers do it on a regular basis. Now I just have to finish the writeup for my iOS term project,... Continue Reading →

Field Trip Friday

...better than a warhead on your forehead. I wish I could remember the entire quote. The airman talking to our ENGR 1110 kids was great! He seemed to be able to relate to them (probably because he was 20 - haha).

Packet Encapsulation at Its Finest

On Friday, I got to lecture my ENGR 1110 kids on networking.  Considering we have a whole semester on the subject and I was having to give them a crash course in one afternoon, I took a breadth approach.  One of the topics we covered was packet encapsulation.  At the end of the lesson, I... Continue Reading →

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