So Many Changes on the Horizon

I’m so sorry for being AWOL the past few months. I found out in July that I was pregnant! This is my first kid, and holy crap, she’s kicking my ass. The first trimester was filled with severe morning sickness. I sort of knew to expect this because it runs on my mom’s side of the family. Overall, I dropped 12+ pounds in those early months. At one of the worst points, I dropped 5 pounds in less than 48 hours. There were days that I couldn’t even hold water or Gatorade down. Just thinking back to gives me shudders.

Ultrasound tech got a picture of our little girl looking straight at the transducer. She’s literally always squirming when the doctors are poking my belly. As my mom says, “She’s a feisty one.”

Fortunately, my OBs were very proactive in helping me find anti-nausea medication to combat the morning sickness as much as possible. By about week 20, it seemed like things would be turning up.

Spoiler alert: they didn’t stay calm. I’m currently working with the doctors to get my migraines under control. Back when I was in middle, I had these same migraines at a chronic level for roughly two years. During the middle of that time span, puberty struck. Obviously, my body does not know or is capable of coping with hormonal changes very well. The worst part is I can’t even take my go-to migraine medication because I’ll only allowed to have Ibuprofen.

Our baby girl is due in the middle of March, and I’ve been trying to “plan” as much as possible. Trying to hammer out maternity leave plans at work has been intense. It turns out the only way for me to get paid maternity leave, is to use all the leave (sick and vacation) I have earned at work. Given the severity of the morning sickness and migraines, I don’t have that much sick leave left. Out of pride, I refuse to cut any of my vacation leave to visit family over the holidays. Besides, I need even more sanity breaks now that I’m growing another human. It’s been a frustrating experience and not helping me keep my stress levels in check.

To make this pregnancy even more fun, my husband and I decided we need to move to a house with more space. People think we’re crazy that two adults and a baby can’t fit into a 3 bedroom-2 bath house, but we also have two dogs and a cat. While our new house is a 3 bedroom-2.5 bath, we are getting an extra family room area, another closet, a larger garage, and an actual dining room along with an kitchen nook. I think it’s about an extra 800 square feet. Plus, our new neighborhood has side walks, tons of kids, by one of the best schools in our county, and well lit. Both of our are very excited to get moved into our new house by the beginning of 2020.

In summary, my life is straight CHAOS at the moment. I’m going to try to get better about posting regularly. You can bet I’m going to need so much advice as a first time parent.

I hope everyone had a wonder Thanksgiving with their loved one!

P.S. – WAR DAMN EAGLE! Iron Bowl 2019 was one for the books.

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