Words of Wisdom #13

The beginning and end of this statement seem obviously related to me. If you love everyone, why would you do wrong to anyone? I understand you don’t actually have to love every human you come across, but that doesn’t mean you say or do nasty things to the people you don’t get along with.

These days I really do wish people would love (or at least tolerate) one another. It seems like everyday I see stories about people being downright cruel to each other both in person and online. When did this become such a common trend? How has it become just another part of life?

“Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.”

– William Shakespeare

The interesting part to me is the “trust few” portion. During middle school, I experienced the typical loss of friendships and was on the receiving end of bullying. Two of those years were really tough and changed me into a more closed off person. Before middle school, I automatically trusted someone, but I have seen made people earn my trust. There are a handful of people that I will open up to about every aspect of life, simply because of my trust issues. Oddly enough, I tend to disperse who knows what (like the separation of duties for security).

I wonder what experiences made Shakespeare say you should only trust a few? When you look back at your friendships and relationships, do trust everyone or only a small selection?

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