Words of Wisdom #12

Love is the most powerful thing in the world. People will do anything for their loved ones.

I’m sure everyone has heard so many sayings about love and its power. Love provokes different emotions in people. For me, I think of the strength I gain to tackle any challenge because I have my loved ones to support me if I fall.

In my mind, that’s where the impossible comes in. If I were completed alone, I would not have the faith in myself to confront my obstacles. It would feel impossible to make any progress alone. But with a loved one, whether family, friends, or significant others, you have the moral support to face those challenges head on.

Look at the USA Women’s National Soccer team. Do you think they would be as success if they didn’t have the love and support, not to mention the love of the sport?

How do you interpret Elizabeth’s quote? Do you think love has a direct correlation with believing in the impossible?

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