Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan

When I travel for work, I try to ensure I have a two hour layover minimum because I am horrible at navigating airports. My last work trip to DC ended up have 4-5 hour layovers in Atlanta. While I like curling up with a good book like the next person, I often find myself distracting by all the great people watching unless I am listening to something. Also, with my two short flights, it’s diffcult to get really sucked into a book.

Hence, I chose to download a series to watch on my phone. I was looking through Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon for a series that I could sink my teeth into without my husband hating he couldn’t watch it too.

Once I saw the Jack Ryan title on Amazon, I remembered that I was so excited to watch this show! It was a must see because

  1. Who doesn’t love a good spy/mystery show? I remember thinking I would apply to work for the CIA or FBI when I was first starting out in my software engineering program and looking at all the cybersecurity courses. While I know Jack Ryan is so not the career I would have had, it’s nice to live vicariously through him.
  2. It’s JOHN KRASINSKI! I can’t believe how much I fell in love with him when he portrayed Jim in The Office. I have yet to dislike any TV show or movie where he is part of the cast.

I was sucked into Tom Clancy’s world from the first episode. The mystery and strategy peaked my interest. Plus, Tom Clancy knows how to throw in good plot twists!

Rating: 9.5/10.0

Two side notes: One, I don’t recommend watching this in public areas. Some of the episodes have nudity. Two, according to IMDB a second season is in the works to be released in 2019! I’m so freaking excited!!!

I want to leave you with this clip of John while he was competing on Lip Sync Battle. Bye bye bye!

How on earth is he so talented, humble, and relatable?

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