Introducing Riddle

Riddle “Rids” Keanu Price is our “foster cat”. By foster, I mean he is living with us until we can find him a better home or our dogs get comfortable having Riddle around. My gut is telling me we are going to be a foster fail and end up keeping him.

How did we start fostering Riddle? Well, he picked us. One evening in January, my husband and I had just gotten back from a work trip. We were unpacking the car when this sweet little fella decided to try and sneak into the house. (Blondie and Lexi were still in boarding otherwise he probably wouldn’t have dared enter the garage). That night was one of the below freezing nights, so we didn’t want to just leave him to fend for himself.

So we took Blondie’s giant crate and kitty bachelor pad. Since we didn’t know about his vaccination history, we kept him in the crate or out on the couch with one of us. He didn’t roam without one of us near him.

Side story

I say him like we knew from first glance that he was boy. I wasn’t entirely sure as he was standing and walking around. My dad grew up in a rural area (proud president of his FFA chapter for two years), so I figure he would know. I video chatted with my folks late that night, and asked them to see. Well, once Riddle was sprawled out on the couch, his balls were a little more evident than when I was petting him. My mom was crying from laughing so hard that I called to “show her cat balls.”


We had taken a few pictures of him to see if we could find his owners. He was too friendly to be feral, and too clean (no fleas, ticks, etc) to not have pet parents. But his not being neutered was really throwing us off. What responsible pet parent (that isn’t a breeder or show participant) doesn’t spay or neuter their outdoor pet?

The night was fairly uneventful. The next morning we took Riddle into our backyard to let him use the bathroom. We didn’t have a litter box and didn’t think to use the sand from the backyard. That’s when Riddle hopped the fence.

It took us a week of placing out cat food by our front door before we were able to catch him again. In that time, no one in our neighborhood or on social media had claimed him. We figured Riddle had been abandoned. My husband and I live in an area that was devastated by Hurricane Michael. We were very lucky to be just west and have a new/strong enough house to not sustain too much damage. (Granted we didn’t know until the next day. We were on our honeymoon when all that went down, which is a story for another time).  With all the devastation, many people either

  1. lost their pets during the storm since shelters don’t allow pets [which I slightly understand, but fur babies are family members too] or
  2. moved away and just abandoned their cats or dogs

I has been really sad and shocking to see find so many animals just wandering around.

Once we caught Riddle for the second time, we took him to vet to start his vaccination, get a wellness check, and schedule his neutering. According to the vet, she believes Riddle is only 8 months old. A little kitten who was just wandering the streets all by himself. It’s so heartbreaking!

In the few weeks he has been under our care, his personality has started coming out. He’s a very curious and inquisitive little guy. Not to mention he is starting to warm up to the dogs! Blondie has been following him around like he is a little puppy she needs to tend to. He loves jumping onto the table and counters and watching is new kingdom. We followed Jackson Galaxy’s advice and added some catification (aka shelves) to our main area. Riddle still prefers the tables and counters. At least we tried? Only time will tell if Riddle becomes a permanent member of the family, but he totally has Jason wrapped around his tiny little paw!

As for Riddle’s name, it just shows our nerdiness. When we caught Riddle a second time and said we would take him to the vet but not keep him, I told Jason he needed us to refer to him as something other than kitty. Jason was very adamant about not naming the cat, so what better nickname that one related to He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Name? Keanu was inspired by the Key and Peele movie, plus Riddle doesn’t fully respond to Riddle yet.

For those rusty on the Harry Potter references…

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