Introducing Blondie

Today I’m doing something a little different. I let my husband write the introduction for our dog Blondie. While I we were dating, we went together to the animal shelter to find him a dog, so Blondie definitely was Jason’s dog at first. Below is Jason’s introduction of his Blondie girl: (I just realized it’s weird that I’m introducing my husband’s dog to you guys before my husband. Oops.)

This may be the cutest picture of the two of them!


This was Blondie’s profile picture at the animal shelter.

No. That’s not a Dingo, that’s our German Shepherd mix Blondie.  To clarify, she’s mostly German shepherd, with some Lab and Boxer thrown in for good measure.  She came to us from the local Animal Shelter, where she looked up at us while sitting in such an adorable manner, I just couldn’t leave.  Thankfully, Allison was there to ensure that I didn’t!

She is currently weighing in at 75 pounds (we adopted her at a measly 45), so I think she’s doing pretty well here, although much bigger than originally thought.  She mostly gets along with Lexi.  Lexi is confident in their relationship at least, as she willfully and happily puts her whole head into Blondie’s mouth while playing.  This was totally terrifying at first, but seems to be ok.  In general, Blondie seems hesitant to get too physical, but then Lexi starts, and next thing you know they’re sprinting around the yard, Lexi sometimes tumbling, playing tag (Blondie is It).

She is very curious and demands sniffs at every yard during walks.  Also, her curiosity extends to things on the counters, as we have come home to things knocked down and things chewed (although this is likely to be attributed to Lexi!). 

I swear no dogs were injured in the making of this GIF.

One last point of Blondie’s personality is her protectiveness.  While she definitely has a pecking order, all members of our family are under her protection, and she can look downright terrifying when worked up.  I’m sure this has terrified a good amount of delivery people!  It has also left some scratches on the door to the garage…Of course she can make up for this from time to time by being downright cuddly!  It doesn’t last long usually, but she is learning to love hugs from her momma, and cuddles from both of us!  Once she warms up to people, she is all about some butt scratches and chest rubs. 

Majestic, sweet, terrible, huge…This is our Blondie.

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