So It’s Been Over a Year, Part 5

October 2017

  • The beginning of October was when Jason and I started looking at engagement rings.  It was nice getting to go shopping for engagement rings together.  I thought I knew what I wanted, but when we started looking, I clearly didn’t.  The beginning was totally overwhelming.  There is just so much out there, and I am one of those people who, when presented with too many options, can’t make my mind up.  Luckily, Jason is amazing, and he had no trouble being patient with me.
  • After another hurricane rolled through the Gulf of Mexico, Jason and I took some time to go chill at the beach.  The temperature outside was just right, and there were hardly any tourists on the beach.  It was perfect.
  • In October, I started putting all my leave requests in at work for the holidays.  Somehow that knocked me into gear.  I got all my presents purchased and wrapped by October 15th.
  • Jason and I had another sweet sunset beach date.  I just really love the photo and wanted to share it.​
  • The weekend before Halloween, Jason and I went to the local state park.  I wanted to try climbing out on the jetties.  My lack of coordination hindered that.  I made it about five rocks out and two rocks high before giving up.  We still had a blast even if we didn’t make it all the way out to the end.  I also saw a really strange thing at the state park.  A guy was sitting on the beach by the jetties and feeding raccoons!  Who sits there and feeds wild raccoons?  My mind is still boggled.​
  • A friend’s family had a pumpkin carving competition/party.  Jason and I went with a classic design, and we were the first pumpkin eliminated.  We still had a blast though!  FYI, we named him Grumpkin the Pumpkin.
  • For Halloween, we took the dogs out to our local outdoor mall.  They were having a trick or treat event between all the stores.  Jason and I dressed Blondie and Lexi up in matching dinosaur costumes and took them to the event.  People loved them, and some of the stores were even giving out dog treats.  It was a wonderful evening!

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